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Why Celebrate Valentine´s Day

Why Celebrate Valentine´s Day

I remember the days when St. Valentine's Day was not celebrated. Well, it was around the world, but not over here. Yet. And then it arrived. What now?

Valentine's Day is to be a celebration of love. Special day of people in love. Does that mean that we cannot celebrate another day? Oh yes, we can, and we certainly should. If we are in love and have someone very dear in our heart, we should show it constantly, at least that´s what they say in wise guide books! And it does not mean, we should be buying flowers and gifts all the time, and make big gestures. There are plenty other ways to do it. We know.

If you agree with me, you probably think about why love should be celebrated on that day, a very specific day of the year, which is also marked in the calendar. 14th February. I wouldn´t at it as a "must". I would perceive it as a game. And let's be honest, we all love games, don’t we? It is a crazy, exciting, passionate, pleasant and joyful activity. Of course, it's up to us to choose the game which is fun. So just imagine the one you like best. Playing a perfect couple? :)

Being in love is a blessing. Without love, life would be completely different. As if it lacked one whole dimension. Who has experienced and understands this is very lucky. And that's why maybe we should not see Valentine's Day as a commercial day. As many people do. Let's recall, for example, Christmas. They're also commercial, but we celebrate them in our own way. On that particular day.

So let yourself be carried away by the game of love. Drop the poses that nobody will dictate when you have to get flowers for your dearest. No, nobody will. Okay, then do it on the 13th! :) And it can be just one rose, why not? Important thing is that she´s not disappointed when she does not get flowers at all. You do not want to see that unhappy face at night, right?

So don´t - it's this Thursday - 14 February. I wish you a flowerful & loving Valentine's Day. 💕


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