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Not a Lily like a Lily

Not a Lily like a Lily

Did you know that there are more types of Lilies and some don't smell at all? If not, then read on, we'll talk about it in this blog.

Aromatic Lilies are mainly Royal Lilies (oriental lilies), florists call them SGs. They are characterized by large flowers with a diameter of 8-9 cm, the petals of which have slightly ruffled edges. You can smell their intense and penetrating scent as soon as the flowers open, and it is so strong that we do not recommend keeping them in a small room. With the right "dosage", they can also have therapeutic effects, relieve stress, and even just looking at them can be a pleasure.

Royal Lilies are available in white, pink, purple, or shades and combinations of these colors. Some species may even have a full-flowered appearance. The leaves of the royal lily are oblong and 3-4 cm wide.

Oriental Lilly

Another type of Aromatic Lily, the scent of which is much more subtle, are the "long" lilies. They have smaller, slender, tubular flowers. They have fewer flowers per stem than Oriental Lilies.

Asiatic Lilies are non-aromatic. You can also recognize them by the slender leaves that grow very close to each other. Even the flowers of these lilies are smaller. They are available in many colors, white, yellow, pink, orange or red.

Asiatic Lilly

With all lilies, you will see pistils after the flower opens. Over time, sawdust is released from them and can easily stain any surface, tablecloth or clothing. That is why we highly recommend removing the pistils as soon as possible after the natural opening of the flower. 

Lilies are suitable for more important occasions, such as anniversaries or birthdays, but are also very often used in funeral floristry.

So...are you clear about the lilies yet? Orange colour will definitely not be scented, for white or pink, look at the size of the flower or leaves and you will know right away. Good luck with guessing and your selection!



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