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How to distinguish a rose from eustoma

How to distinguish a rose from eustoma

We often witness that the customer points at Eustoma, and asks what type of Rose it is. Us, florists, obviously recognize the difference, even if someone wakes us up at midnight after a particularly busy day, but would you be able to see the difference between these two types, even if you´re fresh and well rested? :)

Eustoma is often mistaken for a rose, as its flower may remind someone of a Rose very much. Especially when it comes in a bunch. No wonder it is also called the "Chinese Rose". The full Latin name is "Eustoma russeliannum", and it translates into the Czech language as "jícnovka", but we do not like the Czech translation very much, so we'll use the name "Eustoma" from now on.

Eustoma originally comes from the US, later then in the 80s of the 20th century it is bred in the Netherlands, from where it is now imported to the Czech Republic. It is imported mainly as a cut flower for a vase arrangement. Having a highly sophisticated look, it is one of the noble flower ladies. Its leaves are grey-green in colour and smell of pea pods. Unlike the Rose, however, Eustoma has a very fragile stem, and of course without any thorns. Flower stalks are composed of several blossoms in various stages of flowering so we are able to see fully opened flowers as well as small buds, which multiply the soft and romantic feeling. Therefore Eustoma is often used for wedding bouquets and various delicate decorations. Its appearance also recalls wildflowers.

The most common colour variations are white, cream, pink or purple. We can also find a combined type, when the flowers are white with purple edges. Most colour variations are available from late March to late September, so we its place is among the summer flowers.

Except being used to hand tied bouquets, it is also grown as a potted plant, which in our conditions can last for one season. It is specially bred so it doesn’t reach very high growth. It needs a bright location but not direct sun. It is very sensitive to drying or overwatering, so you need to take a proper care so that the substrate is constantly moist, but not wet.

And for what star sign is Eustoma most suited flower? What about the sincere and dreamy Pisces? Why? Because Pisces are known to have a great imagination and find their peace of mind in nature. And thus the Eustoma can inspire them in a romantic dreaming about summery blooming meadows.. :)

So now, our friends, you can boldly step into any flower shop or a flower market, and point to "the flower that looks like a Rose," and ask directly for Eustoma .. In our opinion, it will be definitely a good summer choice..



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