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Advent Wreath

Advent Wreath

The traditional symbol of Catholic Advent is the ADVENT WREATH, which has been an integral part of this festive season for many years. In Catholic countries (including the Czech Republic) it is decorated with four candles. It has the shape of a circle, which symbolizes ETERNITY and is made mainly of green fir. Green and red colour represent LIFE. In the past, wreaths used to be hung on ribbons, but since the beginning of the 21st century they have been placed on a festively decorated table.

The festive Advent season begins on the first of the four Sundays that precede Christmas Eve, with the fourth Sunday of Advent falling on Christmas Eve. Advent Sundays are called Iron, Bronze, Silver and Golden Sundays, which has no historical or religious significance really, it is more of a modern concept. These names are especially popular in retail, as we know when we go shopping, and not only for Christmas presents. :) This year, the first Sunday of Advent falls on December 3rd, followed by 10th, 17th and 24th December.

Advent should be a time of peace and quiet, time to enjoy preparations for the holidays. Just like in the past also nowadays no dance parties, feasts or weddings should be held. Christmas parties seem to be an exception in the modern world. :)

Some say the lighting of candles on wreaths is based on the Jewish tradition of lighting eight candles on the holiday called Hanukkah. The original color of the candles on the Catholic advent wreath was strict, three purple and one pink. The purple color symbolizes repentance, contemplation and awaiting. Now, as we are influenced by many new trends, we no longer insist on this color of candles or other components, and we decorate our wreaths in colors that are more in harmony with the home interior or with the Christmas tree. From my experience, red or frosty white are favourites. Whas is yours?

The first Sunday of Advent is the time when the first of the four candles is lit - the candle of the prophets, which symbolizes HOPE. The candles are then to be lit counter-clockwise, counting down the weeks remaining until Christmas. The next, Bethlehem candle symbolizes LOVE, the third, shepherd's JOY and the fourth, angelic, means PEACE. This fourth can be lit on Christmas Eve, as it will be this year. 

Festive time is wonderful, enjoy it as much as you can. It is a very busy period for us florists, we have glitters and sparkles literally where no one would expect them :) But back to the topic...fingers crossed you will be able to find a beautiful advent wreath for your home or even manage to make one yourself.

Wishing you a wonderful advent.



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