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How to care for cut flowers

How to care for cut flowers

It often happens that our customers ask for "those bags with the special powder for the flowers," the so called "nutrition". No, our dear customers, you won´t find it in our shop. Maybe it could be a clever marketing move, added value to the hand tied bouquet, but have decided against them. Why?

The reason is simple. Because we believe that with sufficient after care, cut flowers can last longer. Provided, that you buy them fresh, and in our shop you do. :) If you buy them elsewhere, and they are not fresh, even that miracle bag won´t save their lives.

So, how to do it? Each cut flower has a limited “shelf” life, some shorter, some longer. The best known and most sold flowers that wither in often overheated environment, are gerberas, in some cases also roses. In the medium life-time category we can find carnations, chrysanthemums and lilies, these last, or should last a little longer. Flowers that last the longest are exotic flowers, such as cymbidiums or anthuriums.

So if you buy flowers for various occasions, you usually have a mix bouquet of flowers. And that's good, because we can assume that the bouquet will "fade progressively." How then can we positively influence the durability of bouquets?

In the first place, if the flowers are without water for more than a quarter of an hour, the stalks begin to close and will be unable to absorb water as well as when fresh. Therefore, it is always necessary before placing the flowers in a vase to cut the stems at least 1 cm, diagonal cut would be the best. For cutting we can use pruning scissors or a sharp kitchen knife. Always use a clean vase, because any dirt can cause increased bacteria and turbidity of the water. Always clean stalks from the leaves, so they can´t fall into the water. No need to put too much water in, but make sure shorter stems are covered. Just beware that fresh flowers do tend to drink water a lot more than after few days, so check if water levels are high enough. 

If it is within your abilities (time wise, will wise), do change water at least every other day and clean the vase from possible residues, cut the stems a bit every so that they absorb fresh water better. Rotten and soft stems can hardly drink fresh water. If you want to save ourself the hassle or don’t have enough time to to this as often, you can add a drop of Savo, but really just a tiny drop. It prevents the formation of unwanted bacteria. 

Now a special advise for the rose lovers. Because roses have wooden stems, after some time it is much harder for water to get to their blooms. Don´t despair, you can cut them gradually to even a size of a glass, and their blooms will refresh. Try it! 

Last but not least, do not locate flowers near a blazing radiator or in a direct sunlight, where they are subjected to more heat. It is essential to realize that flowers in a colder environment more than in a warm one. 

So, our dear customers, now you that know how to do it, may your cut flowers beautify your interior as long as possible.


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